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5 Ways to Enhance Children’s French Language Learning

For the parents, it can be a gruelling task to make children learn languages. Although, work can be made easier by choosing the right french school for children. Yet still, there are certain things that parents can do to enhance the learning of languages that are learnt at school by children. Here are some of the tips that can help those parents. 

French School


  • Start Learning the Language Yourself and Clear Your Concepts

If it is one of the languages that you know, then you might skip this step. But if it is an unknown language for you, it is better to pull up your socks and start learning french. Only if you know a language properly, you can make the learning easy for your children. 

Don’t forget that for people in Lebanon there are a lot of benefits in learning french even if you are a parent.

  • Talk to Them in That Language:

Start replacing some frequently spoken phrases in your language with the french translation of those phrases. Begin the process and then make slow but steady advances. Make sure that you are giving time to the slow learning and are not letting child forget any of the previously learnt word or phrase.

This way, you can slowly make the children talk to you in that language.

  • Join the Strings of Entertainment with Learning. Use Toys, Songs, Cartoon Series or Games and Teach them Framing:

If your child is already studying in the best French school in Beirut, teachers are already making the language learning fun for your child. But then also, you need to put some more effort.

What does your child take an interest in? Does he like toys or games? Does he listen to songs? Have a look at his interest list and start mingling the french language in his regular activities. 

Buy some toys and games that can enhance french learning. There are lots of irresistible games and toys of this sort in the market that can help children learn pronunciation, sentence framing etc. 

Adding french songs in their playlists or downloading some interesting french cartoon series or movies for them.

  • Be Very Uncomplaining If Your Child is Slow in Learning or Speaking

If your child is taking too long to club the words and make a meaningful sentence in french, don’t tell him to be fast. Rather be patient and let him frame the sentence himself.

If you would judge him for being slow, he may mess up his french speaking. Give him time to express and let the correct sentence come itself.

  • Read Stories in French for Your Child or Engage Him in Reading Those Himself:

Buy some french storybooks having good visuals and stories of your child’s interest. Don’t forget to know your child’s taste before and then tell him to read those. If he isn’t reading himself, read for him. He would willingly put the effort into understanding the story in the language and ultimately would develop good learning of french language.


Every French school in Lebanon make french learning easy for children. So, admitting children in french schools also works wonders.

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