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8 Games for Students in Nurseries that Preach Them Valuable Life Facts

Albert Einstein once said that game is the highest form of research So, there is no doubt in saying that the games can enrich children’s learning. Here are some games that are commonly played by children and have secret teaching characteristics. 

Indoor games

  1. Musical Chairs:

Musical chairs is a super fun game that children in nurseries adore to play. Many garderies in Beirut make a separate play area for musical chairs so that children can play this indulging game. This game teaches the children the following qualities:

  • Resolve arguments without indulging in fights.
  • Dealing disappointments resulting from defeats
  • Being tolerant   

       2. Simon Says:

It is a game that teaches children several skills. In this game, one child orders other children to do some specific silly action. The children in the group have to follow the orders properly and have to change when the leader changes his instructions. This game teaches the following skills:

  • Remaining Active
  • Listening carefully to the leaders
  • Leadership skills
  • Paying attention

     3. Hide and Seek

It is a very old and a world-famous game that is almost known to everyone around. Almost all people must have played this game but they might not know what this game teaches the children secretly. Following are the traits that develop when children play this game:

  • Problem-solving
  • Accessing several options in a situation
  • Choosing the best possible way out of the alternatives
  • Critical skills
  • Deep assessment approach

     4. Hopscotch

It is also one of the oldest games. Hopscotch is a fun and recreational game that children love to play. It also requires fewer people so it can also be played alone. In several nurseries in Beirut, the squares for the game are painted properly on the grounds so that children can play and learn from this excellent game. Children learn the following skills while they play this wonderful game:

  • Planning before every move


There are many more games that teach a lot to children. Here are those games.

  1. Red Light, Green Light
  2. Sleeping Lions
  3. Row Your Boat
  4. Parachute Games

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