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A Complete Overview on IB Schools

A Complete Overview on IB Schools

Today, parents have a range of educational boards to choose from to enrol their children. It is no longer just the ICSE or State board, but also the International Baccalaureate (IB) board. IB board is a globally-renowned school system made using three educational programmes such as:

  • PYP: The Primary Years Programme, which is from Kindergarten to Grade 5

  • MYP: The Middle Years Programme, which is from Grade 6 to Grade 10.

  • DP: The Diploma Programme, which is Grades  11 and 12.

The IB programme was established in the year 1968 by the IBO or International Baccalaureate Organization, which is a non-profit education organization located in Geneva, Switzerland. In spite of having its headquarters in Switzerland, the IBO is an international organization, not related to any specific country and devoid of national political educational agendas.

IB Schools usually follow the IB programme, which is very much practical and application-based. It has a wider range of subjects that lead to complete development. IB examinations examine the knowledge of the students, not their speed and memory. The best thing about IB board is that no examinations are there till Grade 10. The focus of the IB pedagogy is on ‘how to learn’ instead of ‘what to learn’. Moreover, there are no approved textbooks; students can select their own books. The purpose of IB is to make global citizens. But at times, the IB programme does use the local syllabus as a base. For instance, in the IB Diploma Programme Hindi is usually offered as a second language.

The IB syllabus is more demanding than educational boards such as ICSE and CBSE. But the challenge is in the quality of assignments, not in the amount of work allocated. As of now, there are eighteen IB World Schools in India spread out in eleven cities.

Reasons for choosing IB for the child

  • The IB Diploma has obtained universal repute for a thorough review, giving students admission to the top universities and colleges across the world. IB is quickly becoming the programme of preference for Beirut students getting ready to pursue higher education overseas.

  • Certain universities offer scholarships to IB Diploma students.

  • The IB curriculum furnishes students with the tools required to succeed in higher education, for instance, preparedness, self-confidence, organizational skills, research skills, and being engaged in own learning actively.

  • University admissions across the globe are getting cutthroat these days. Admission officers are looking for other evidence increasingly that a student will succeed in the university, for instance, exposure to research abilities, quality curriculum, social service and international outlook, all enhanced by IB.

The best part about the IB program is that it gives equal significance on extracurricular activities like that of academics. This is why it is essential to find out if the IB school that offers extracurricular activities for the students as a part of their curriculum. Remember that extracurricular activities can assist the students in developing their creativity and improving communication in addition to interpersonal skills.

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