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How IB schools can inspire Students to Develop Into Better Citizens?

IB Schools

  • Considering re-examining disciplinary applications:

The school’s atmosphere has a lot to do with the student’s well-being. The way schools foster relationships and treat children on the basis of culture and ability differences, influences the attitude of children towards life. Also, the kind of disciplinary measures taken and conflict resolution tactics employed by schools affect the student’s behavior as a global citizen of the world.

  • Developing a classroom atmosphere where meaningful dialogue isn’t restricted:

Educators must discuss everything openly in class that contributes to child development into a responsible citizen. Here, we are talking about the events going on in the surroundings of the child (cities, countries or the whole world). Classrooms must not be a restricted space for intellectual conversations no matter the subjects be sensitive, controversial or general.

  • Allowing specific time to facilitate group coherence and quality relationships:

Introducing SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) in classes is extremely important to turn students into positive citizens. As a good citizen has to be able to cooperate with other people of diverse cultures, races, and religions. Top IB schools in Lebanon promote group activities to help social and emotional learning of kids.

  • Using practical projects to facilitate and enhance overall social learning in the class:

Practical projects work excellently in fostering social learning in class. Discussing several civic issues and giving students practical projects related to the topicshelpmake students become responsible citizens.

  • Talking about diversity in the class:

Talking about diversity helps foster good moral values in children. In the best schools in Lebanon which have a highly diverse class body, children generally grow mature towards diversity of different kinds.

Also, educators need to embrace it themselves before talking to students about it. When one is comfortable with the idea of it, discussing it with students becomes convenient. Students should be taught to be welcoming towards different cultures, religions and nationalities.

  • Following “Practice what you preach”

Become an ideal entity of society before you teach children to become good citizens. Let the students follow you.

  • Talking about everything that is going on in their community:

Everything means everything. You certainly would have to be very careful while you share certain things with the tender minds. Top IB schools in Lebanon share the shareable news articles with students on social media. They utilize several other channels and platforms to discuss such issues properly.

  • Providing rights to social clubs and staying updated about every activity of theirs:

Promoting club making in schools is beneficial to kids. It gives students a chance to enhance their team, social and leadership skills.

Schools must keep track of all their activities. They must partake in their decisions and discussions so that students learn things under their control.

  • Other ideal tips used by the Top IB Schools:

Pull the students out of their comfort zones.

Talk about human rights and ideal responsibilities.

Go beyond the social studies and teach about the responsibility towards mother nature

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