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Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

Children not only learn from academics but also develop their personality from a whole range of other activities. Such activities are called extra-curricular activities.

Extra-curricular activities for children may be conducted inside the school or at clubs and other agencies outside. They help children discover their natural talents throughdifferent activities, ranging from sporting events and debating to artistic pursuits, like music and ballet.

Multiple activities can promote the development of various kinds of skills, but more than 2 or 3 activities during a school term can be expensive and can lead to an exhausted child.

Children may do well by playing or indulging in a few activities they are really interested in. By permitting kids to choose their own extra-curricular activities based on their personality type and interests, children can better enjoy such activities.

Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Learning important life skills

For example, sports help kids acknowledge the value of teamwork and strategizing. They can also help children learn how to compete and can teach the spirit of sportsmanship. Kids can learn to have fun playing the game no matter whether they win or lose.

  • Good lifestyle

Extra-curricular activities help kids lead a good lifestyle. Kids’ world will be filled with music and dance. By playing sports, they will learn to exercise and eat healthily. Kids begin to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. This is a major advantage because obesity in children has become a pressing problem worldwide.

  • Social skills

By indulging in extra-curricular activities, children interact with many people outside their normal social circle. They learn skills of socializing. From introverted, lonely kids, they can transform into social butterflies.

Main Types of Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Music: Kids learn how to sing or to play instruments. This activity is full of happiness and enjoyment for kids. They also learn about history and culture.

  • Dance: There are plenty of choices, like folk dance, cinematic dance, and ballet,among others. Dance helps in physical and mental development and instills the value of discipline and hard work.

  • Sports: One can choose from contact sports (football/hockey) or non-contact sports (cricket/ golf). Children can learn teamwork and sportsmanship.

  • Sketching and Painting: Playing with colors is a creative, enjoyable, and peaceful pursuit. Activities that include sketching and painting will develop kids’ creative and problem-solving.

  • Sculpting, Pottery,and Crafts: Working with clay is a deeply satisfying and therapeutic pursuit. It will also help develop motor and sensory skills.

  • Martial Arts (like Judo and Karate): These will help teach discipline and how to control the physical power of the body.

  • Sewing Classes: These will help in nurturing the talent of children for a future career in fashion design or just simply to sew as a hobby.

  • Book Clubs: The little bookworms can have fun and socialize with other book lovers. Kids can sharpen their reading and writing skills.

  • Cooking Classes: cooking is not only a vital life skill but an avenue to express creativity. It helps kids learn how to prepare healthy meals.

  • Drama Club: This is a great way to make use of the kid’s abilities for drama. Drama club helps your child to hone physical, social, public speaking, and artistic skills.

These are some of the options for extra-curricular activities for kids.

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