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International Schools in Beirut Making Nature Walk Meaningful for Your Children

Humans imbibe the information from surroundings and that’s not an astounding fact. We know that we have learnt so much from around us that we can’t deny this fact.

International Schools in Beirut

Proof of Onset of Learning from Surroundings:

Going back to the days when the human had nothing but the natural world around, this imbibition and learning from surroundings even happened then. The human’s journey from stone to smart age is the proof of the learning that has been doing the evolutions since then.

Leading Cool Schools Taking the Lead

The top schools in Beirut are responsibly taking over this task of exposing the children to tender, vulnerable and vast nature. Eastwood international school, one of the most renowned Beirut schools, took the little explorers to a fun nature visit at Qanat Bakish in July where along with some thrilling adventures, they were allowed to roam free and explore the depths of vast and indulging mother nature. 

This is not all, many other schools in Beirut, follow the same idea and continue to take the children to brief and regular nature walks where they can open up in front of the boundless nature. This unlocks the doors for extensive learning of the kiddies. After all, the environment plays the role of “after second-best teacher” to a learner. And undoubtedly there can be no better teacher than mother nature itself.

Here’s How Moseying Around Mother Nature Can be a Remarkable Learning Experience for Your Kids:

An apt approach is always essential to bring the best and desired results out of a situation. Even if it is about making the child grasp from the open book of nature. One cannot casually do this task and encash excellent results. This made us list for schools, some of the most fruitful ideas of transforming a casual stroll by nature into an incredible learning session. The best among Beirut schools are already some applying extraordinary tactics.

  • Group Discussions Under an Open Sky About the Natural Things Under the Bare Sky:

Group discussions are marvellous. But those done under the open sky are even more yielding as open sky lends some openness in the learning atmosphere. And if those discussions are about the natural world, they are definitely the most productive ones because nature has so much to learn about/from.

  • Giving Free Hand to Let an Outlet to Some Observational Pictures:

Those fertile little minds have astounding grasping power. So, why not let them use that and paint the natural scenarios that they just saw during their nature walk session. This would enhance their grasping and memory skills.

  • Chalking Out a Notable and Descriptive Element that Had a Presence During the Nature Walk and a Brainstorm Session Following that Event:

Let’s say, you just showed a tree with some exceptional qualities. Draw a figure that resembles it on the whiteboard and let the students tell what they know about the particular thing. 

Many international schools in Beirut have their own gardens for kids where they give a practical mirror to things learnt in classrooms. 

  • Allowing Children to Use Real Materials and Paint Realistic and Logical Figures of What Was Observed at a Particular Nature Walk:

The natural classrooms outside the classes have several things that can be used inside artificial classrooms. Collect those or let the students collect those things with your guidance and bring them inside. You can have an alphabet recognition session where you can tell students to put twigs resembling the alphabets on the task table. Or you can tell them to fill(colour) the figures with things from the garden. 

  • Making the Research on a Nature Walk, a Team Activity and Teaching the Keen Kiddies Lessons of Teamwork

Teamwork is a majorly contributing lesson of life. So, why not let the social kiddos learn it now. Make teams and hand them some task that involves lots of brain work. For example, you can send the groups to observe the caterpillars and their further growth stages. This would bring the best out of the reflective minds.


We hope that until now, you have understood that a good school with a creative staff can do wonders for your kid. So, employ enough time to find your child the best Beirut school and don’t forget to get help from our exceptionally trustworthy listings.

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