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Key Reasons Schools Must Have a Playground

Key Reasons Schools Must Have a Playground

Earlier, people used to have a different childhood than what kids have today. Outdoor activities used to be an important part of children’s daily schedule. However, nowadays, kids simply love to spend their time indoorson computers and video games. It is important to introduce kids with outdoor activities, and it can be done by schools as kids spend a significant amount of their time in schools.

Every school must have a playground for children so that they can benefit from it and experience overall growth and development and not just academic. Here’s a list of reasons why schools should have a playground for children:

  • Learning while playing

If you look from a child’s perspective, learning and playing are not separate practices. Some studies have shown that kids who took part in experimental learning combined with play better at passing first-grade tests than the other children in the same classes. It was also found that children that learned through play were better at math and writing.

  • Off-screen entertainment

Today, the kids are technologically smart, but there is no doubt about that, but the apps can’t teach them everything. They don’t offer a real-world experience which can only be received at the playground. Kids will grow up one day, and they will have no time to play or socialize with other kids. Childhood is the time when they need to make the most of the outdoor activities and games.

  • Physical benefits

Most of you might have heard how outdoor activities and playing games can help children in staying fit. Outdoor play is fun, but it is much more than fun. It is important for the healthy physical development of children. Physical exercise also improves the function of the heart and lungs and helps children build stronger muscles, preventing obesity, and diabetes.

  • Emotional benefits

The physical benefits of play are obvious as it is a physical activity, but there are also some changes in your child’s well-being, which you may not realize. For example, free play helps your kid in developing self-confidence. Some games might be challenging for them, but they start experimenting with their approach and learn to conquer the obstacles. It makes them realize their strengths. Also, it helps them in releasing traumatic emotions and learning how to deal with them.

  • Social benefits of playground

When kids go to the playground, there are other kids also which makes it easy for your child to make connections while playing. Playground teaches children important lessons about social norms and interacting with people. These are few things which computers can’t teach.

  • Solitary Play

Though playgrounds are mostly crowded, they also offer a chance for solitary play. Children gain benefits from these activities as they give them time to think, create, and explore.

  • Playgrounds make education fun

If the kid’s school has a playground,it makes education more fun for them. Researchers have realized that school playgrounds have an important effect on a child’s learning and development. They also have a positive impact on attendance of primary schools.

When looking for a school for your child, make sure it has a playground.

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