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Al Ahlia School

Mary Kassab School

Founding an entirely national school in concept, management and financing.

In 1916, when the Ottoman authorities ordered the closing of foreign schools, Mary Kassab gathered in her home sixteen boys and girls who were enrolled at the British School and pledged to ensure their continuing education. As soon as she started her modest work, parents of all walks of life began to send their children to her, and that was the nucleus of Ahliah School.

The Lebanese Baccalaureate program

This program includes Grade 10 one common branch, Grade 11: Scientific and Literary Branches Grade 12: Life Sciences, Economics and sociology, and General Sciences Branches.

The curriculum prepares students to sit for the official Baccalaureate exams which requires the teaching of Arabic, English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Sociology, Economics, and Philosophy, Physical Education, Art, Subjects may vary depending on level and branch. Classical Arabic is the main language in Arabic and social studies classes, sociology, economics, and philosophy. English is the language of instruction in the other subjects.

College/Freshman year Preparatory program

A three-year curriculum designed for foreign and Lebanese students who meet Lebanese government requirements for exemption from Arabic language study or exemptions from official exams.  Students in this program cover all the requirements for the American High School with French and Arabic language at varying levels.

The courses given are Math I, Math II and Pre-calculus, Physics I, II, III Chemistry I, II, III and Biology I, II, III English I, II and III, Arabic (as second language), World History and World Geography, psychology, media, PE, and Visual Art. The students shall be placed in the courses according to their performance levels.

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Fletcher Gull 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Fletcher Gull on 8 months ago

You’d be shocked about this school once you visit it... Most people have an idea of it, that isn’t so positive, but once you visit it, they totally change your mind... Lovely school, very friendly and welcoming team, great teachers and all in all positive energy! The only issue with it, is being in a high security area, which makes it harder to visit, which could be positive to some and negative to others, but other than that; it sure seems like a great school!

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Nour Nehme 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Nour Nehme on a year ago

Quality education, safe and secure environment, ethical management, full of diversity! Absolutely recommend

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Hiba Dagher 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Hiba Dagher on 2 years ago

The best place to raise a balanced kid.

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karim al awa 5 Ratings
(5/5) By karim al awa on a year ago

Best school in the world

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sana beydoun 3 Ratings
(3/5) By sana beydoun on a year ago

It is a school