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Antonine International School


We work in cooperation with the Society, the Church and the Family in order to educate the human person as a whole. Our education is based on the Christian values, it is impregnated by the Antonine Educative Spirit and it respects the criteria of quality and excellence in its international dimension.

IB Diploma Program

Nursery Section

Lebanese Baccalaureate


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engineer but not gaming 1 Ratings
(1/5) By engineer but not gaming on a week ago

0 serves made me wait for 2 hours in the lobby just for them to tell me that the princapel has to call me

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my opinion 1 Ratings
(1/5) By my opinion on 9 months ago

This is the worst school ever. Management is zero, and the lack of common sense that teachers have in this school is unacceptable. To start with, last years graduation was a mess (all the graduations in the past were also a mess), it was rushed and the organization was below the ground. The principal, Mrs Georgia, rushed the event causing a line from the student's seats to the front stage. It looked like she did not care about this event as she was saying the names which was very disrespectful. Anyways.. I would like to add that teachers in this school are extremely biased towards students who have high grades. These teachers who are also biased like to like down on students with low grades and do not offer any support or help to increase their mark. ( Also, teachers do not equally treat students the same. They favor students and do not care if they act badly in class.) For my other point, Mrs Georgia is not a good principal. She is very unprofessional and seems that she does not care about her job. During last years graduation, she was reading the names over and over again and seemed that she was done with the whole graduation. It felt very inconsiderate to the students who were actually graduating. To add to the unprofessionalism, she does not do her job properly. She is one of the worst principals in this school to ever work here.

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Isack-Joe Bastajian 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Isack-Joe Bastajian on 5 years ago

This school is the best you can find in Lebanon. It is electronics-oriented, futuristic, and educates through action. The students get the full package, and come out of the school not only as smart future engineers, doctors, or lawyers, but also as artistic people who know how to think out of the box.

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Rita-Maria Younes 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Rita-Maria Younes on 2 years ago

It's one of the best school in lebanon

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Roger Bou Assi 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Roger Bou Assi on 3 years ago

One of the best schools in Lebanon.