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Beirut Evangelical School for Boys and Girls

It is the outgrowth of the first school for girls that was founded in West Beirut back in 1828 by the early pioneer American Presbyterian missionaries to Syria and Lebanon during the days of the Ottoman Empire. However, the year 1835 marks the date of the school official foundation.

The Lebanese High School Program follows a curriculum set by the Ministry Of Education and prepares students for the official Lebanese Baccalaureate examination.  This program is an English track for core subjects including English Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), Computer Science, Sociology, Economics and Philosophy. History, Geography and Civics are taught in Arabic along with the study of Arabic literature and language. In addition, French is taught as a foreign language and students take Drama and Physical Education classes.

The American High School Program is designed for Foreign and Lebanese students who meet government requirements for exemption from the Arabic language study. This program leads to a High School Diploma. The courses in this program are also taught in English for the following subjects: English language Arts, Mathematics, Science (Life Science, Chemistry, and Physics), Computer science, Economics, World History, Drama and Physical Education. French and Arabic are taught as foreign languages.  Students following the American program have a chance to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes

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L J 5 Ratings
(5/5) By L J on 2 months ago

Great school. Good teachers. Head of infant section is an awesome person. Attentive and comes up with some creative ideas for kids to enjoy.

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Rima Korban Bou Samra 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Rima Korban Bou Samra on a year ago

I love this school great teachers and safe environment

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Robert mouawad 1 Ratings
(1/5) By Robert mouawad on a year ago

The Arabic and French teachers are very naughty

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(5/5) By GAMING WITH MICK on 2 years ago

I am a student there and i'm proud . There we learn how to treat each other in a good and respectful way using the 7 habits . I recommend to every one that they put there kids in this school.Live love BESGB

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Wokie Khoury 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Wokie Khoury on 7 years ago

Qualified teachers. Motivates students and most of all its Christian ethics and disciplinary system. A very good school.