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Brummana High School

A School in the Quaker Tradition

BHS was founded in 1873 by Theophilus Waldmeier, a Swiss missionary, who joined the Society of Friends and became a Quaker. Historically, Quakers were among the pioneers in developing a modern form of learner centred education which prized the worth and development of the whole child and student. With other educators, Quakers recognised that schooling involved far more than academic study. Today much internationally accepted good practice in education follows these principles. BHS remains a school which aims to follow the ideals and values of its Quaker founders.

Mission Statement:

Brummana High School is a Quaker coeducational day and boarding school which seeks all round excellence in academics, the arts and sports and aims to promote integrity amongst its faculty and students. Each member of the school community ensures that students from diverse backgrounds are prepared to be responsible citizens and life-long learners, respecting each other and helping the community.


Brummana High School has provided excellence in education since 1873, when the school was founded by the British Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). This is a Protestant sect based on peace, equality, and mutual respect between people.

It is rooted in the belief that there is a spark of God in each person, regardless of religion, gender, culture, colour or social status.

A Quaker education means excellence in education. It calls for high academic standards and an openness to new ways of learning. A Quaker education also means helping each child to realise his or her full potential. Each student is unique, with varying abilities and special gifts, not only in the classroom, but also in sports, the arts, leadership and community affairs.

At Brummana we strive to offer a comprehensive preparation for the adult world. Besides imparting information and knowledge, the school tries to develop the student’s intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. It encourages the students to achieve the cultural, physical, and artistic fulfilment of which they are capable.

A Quaker education helps each person to recognise his or her responsibility to the community – in and out of school. Quakers encourage freedom of thought and expression, but this goes hand in hand with responsibility to respect others. Quakers teach non-violence as the means for resolving conflict in everyday life.

The school nurtures self-reliance, co-operation, friendship, non-violence, honesty, simplicity and compassion, and above all, it tries to build in the students the ideals of service in accordance with the school motto: “I Serve”.

The Lebanese Programme

The Lebanese Programme is designed to fulfil the requirements of the Lebanese Ministry of Education. The school therefore prepares its students for the Lebanese government Brevet and Lebanese Baccalaureate exam. Students have the choice of the Lebanese Baccalaureate in Life Sciences, General Sciences, or Sociology and Economics.

The Lebanese Baccalaureate qualifies the students for entry into the sophomore year of university in Lebanon and many universities abroad. In the Upper School about 45% of our students are registered in the Lebanese Programme.

The International Programme

The International Programme leads to a High School Diploma or International Baccalaureate with all students sitting for the British IGCSE exams.

These students are generally from Lebanese families returning from abroad or from non-Lebanese families working in Lebanon. All students in the International Programme also study Arabic and French. In the Upper School about 55% of our students are registered in the International Programme.

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ND W 5 Ratings
(5/5) By ND W on a year ago

Top notch education. Excellent sports program and facilities. Nurturing pastoral care. Diverse extracurricular offerings. Beautiful calming campus. Wonderful caring community. A home that promotes development and growth.

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Katia Achkar 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Katia Achkar on a year ago

Beautiful campus, wonderful teachers, a positive atmosphere and an education that encourages kids to flourish.

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lisette makhoulhage 5 Ratings
(5/5) By lisette makhoulhage on a year ago

As a teacher and head of department at Brummana High School, I cannot but say it is the place where I feel the most comfortable. It actually never feels like going to work when I head there. It is genuinely my second home, and I feel prouder each day as I applaud our lovely students for their achievements and talents. There is something immediately captivating about BHS; the sense of belonging is deeply ingrained in every member, staff and students, all of whom believe in the school's incomparable motto, "I Serve".

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Eddy Goraieb 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Eddy Goraieb on a year ago

15 years of beautiful memories and a great education that prepared me for the real world. My dad was a boarder at the school and my 3 kids are there now. That is how much the school means to me. It is a home to its students and not just a place to get an education.

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First Name Last Name (mariebiscuit) 4 Ratings
(4/5) By First Name Last Name (mariebiscuit) on a year ago

Not bad. People are nice. Some of the staff are nice..... 3 stars