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College Maximos

Identité + Notre Mission

Quand il s’agit de l’éducation alors arguments et débats seront assez nombreux, mais une chose est certaine: l’éducation travaille à éveiller le sentiment national, assurer et développer les ressources humaines, augmenter les ressources personnelles les faisant aborder d’autres techniques et domaines.

L’éducation, controverses à part, est une nécessité dans le monde d’aujourd’hui. Le collège Maximos- Mansourieh travaille dans l’objectif de créer un environnement éducatif capable de développer les capacités des élèves en ayant recours à tous les procédés d’enseignement. Ceci se fait dans un but pédagogique qui vise l’élaboration d’une stratégie d’enseignement mettant à la lumière un programme compréhensible et une reforme éducative inspirés des principes figurants au programme national pour l’éducation. Pour cela, pendant notre année scolaire on fait plusieurs activités (sportives , éducatives, culturelles …)

Section Française

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Edward Teach 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Edward Teach on 7 months ago

Dr Maximos is the best. Hands down the most caring doctor I have ever met. He is also a Master if his craft. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He takes time to explain things and uses words I can understand and relate to. He has the best bedside manners. The care I was provided was above and beyond anything I experienced before...from calling to set up the appointment, to the actual visit. It was all great. An added bonus was that I was able to see him in one of the locations that was close to me!

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Iris Pequeno 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Iris Pequeno on 7 months ago

Very good Dr and staff. They were all very friendly and helpful. All my questions were answered during my appointment and I was finally able to find the cause of my pain. Would recommend him to anyone.

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Natalie Luna 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Natalie Luna on 7 months ago

Dr. Maximos was very attentive and helpful. He was able to diagnose the tendonitis in my finger when other doctors were not able to help at all. He was very thorough, and knowledgeable. I will be sure to see him for any other hand issues in the future!

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K Cain 5 Ratings
(5/5) By K Cain on 4 months ago

I’m absolutely in love with my surgery results I was very discouraged entering in from my wreck but he assured me he could help he was amazing his staff super friendly he saved my hand

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Jessica A. 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Jessica A. on 7 months ago

THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE DOCTORS LIKE DR. MAXIMOS!!! My husband decided to let his anger get the best of him and hit the wall with this being said the wall won. We made an appointment with Dr. Maximos and his office was able to see him the same day!! From the moment we walked in we were greeted with a smile. Dr. Maximos explained everything in great detail. Thank you Dr. Maximos