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College Maximos

Identité + Notre Mission

Quand il s’agit de l’éducation alors arguments et débats seront assez nombreux, mais une chose est certaine: l’éducation travaille à éveiller le sentiment national, assurer et développer les ressources humaines, augmenter les ressources personnelles les faisant aborder d’autres techniques et domaines.

L’éducation, controverses à part, est une nécessité dans le monde d’aujourd’hui. Le collège Maximos- Mansourieh travaille dans l’objectif de créer un environnement éducatif capable de développer les capacités des élèves en ayant recours à tous les procédés d’enseignement. Ceci se fait dans un but pédagogique qui vise l’élaboration d’une stratégie d’enseignement mettant à la lumière un programme compréhensible et une reforme éducative inspirés des principes figurants au programme national pour l’éducation. Pour cela, pendant notre année scolaire on fait plusieurs activités (sportives , éducatives, culturelles …)

Section Française

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Alistair Mackie 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Alistair Mackie on 9 years ago

Never been a full time student but I've had good experiences doing part time art evening courses. The art campus is a modern building and nice to have to go to. I have done courses in the other older buildings and it does make a difference. The section of courses I was doing centred around using Macs and learning Adobe design packages, in this case Illustrator and In Design. After doing them, I wish I had signed up to do more. The teachers were friendly, informative and helpful. I've left with a good amount of knowledge under my belt and would recommend to anyone. I can only wonder what could be achieved in full time.

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jack thompson 1 Ratings
(1/5) By jack thompson on 3 years ago

Not the best college in the North East. You learn very little. I did a business course and the teachers couldn’t even teach properly, they had very little understanding of what learners like me could achieve, in fact, they had to keep looking at papers, because they hadn’t a clue on how to teach the others and I on the course. No wonder Newcastle College had a bad Ofsted Report. If your looking to go to a College in the North East, I would recommend Gateshead College because it is Outstanding.

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Laura “lololoveslife” Henderson 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Laura “lololoveslife” Henderson on 5 years ago

This place is BRILLIANT! I'm a full time first year student studying Level 3 Graphics and I LOVE IT! The lecturers know what they're talking about and they want us to do well. I'm so glad I chose to study at such an AMAZING college!

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S3AN06 2 Ratings
(2/5) By S3AN06 on 5 years ago

Before I even joined Newcastle College, I was told by many people how good it was; I thought I was joining a game course but as it turns out it was more to do with IT and less about games. Regardless of what the course had to offer, I never regretted joining for two reasons: 1) Meet new people and make new friends 2) Gain a better education unlike my secondary school As for the course itself, it was, at best, alright. I decided to go back for level three which was titled 'Games' but as the first semester went on, I couldn't do the Games Design lessons all because of my Maths and English. Why couldn't they replace another lesson that was irrelevant to the course was beyond my knowledge. My complaints: 1) Some teachers aren't very nice to the students, not pointing out names 2) Most of the work we receive are not related to the actual course 3) Rather than being on the main campus, my course was moved to another building, meaning I have to get up really early just to travel over there 4) We are only given a week to complete a lot of assignments that require more than the week given 5) Some teachers don't know what they're doing most of the time and the lessons are not organised for us to understand Again, I'm not pointing out names but I will say this, I am highly disappointed with this college along with some of the teachers. While some good moments have came out of this course like my English and Maths lessons (pretty much the reason why I consider coming back for), I can't help but think that I have made a mistake with returning for another year; I hope with the months remaining this college will improve.

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James McKenzie 1 Ratings
(1/5) By James McKenzie on 5 years ago

The IT course I started is beyond abysmal, college organization is astonishingly atrocious, the teaching is lackluster at best, with the exceptions of the digital graphics (unit 30) and computer networks teachers. Moreover, if you (like myself) have already completed a year, the college will be so kind as to provide a timetable for you to complete the other units (regardless of whether you have already completed the full year) but even this is handled so poorly it is a wonder this ridiculous establishment is still functional. They require a minimum attendance, but will not update their system with the knowledge that you are no longer required to attend. Ergo your attendance will fall below the "required" amount, regardless of whether or not you have attended your assigned lessons, and you will be put on report. Even without this appalling breach of standards, the lessons are almost always followers of the formula "download power-point, complete sheets, move onto next one", raising the point of why the "lectures" are even needed given the abysmal quality and difficulty of the tasks. Every single one can be solved by a google search, regardless again of whether you have had prior experience with IT, or have no knowledge whatsoever. The only exceptions to this rule, as mentioned, are digital graphics, and computer networks. Let it be known however that I cannot speak for computer systems, or communication and employ-ability skills as I was not attending those lectures as per timetable, due to having completed them elsewhere (though the few communications and employ ability skills lectures I did attend where boring on a frankly incomprehensible scale). Even disregarding this, the first few weeks of the term where so utterly terrible that no-one, neither students, teachers, even guest speakers had no idea where they were meant to was so, utterly, apologetically, bad; that many students started and signed petitions to improve the quality of the college. Needless to say, it didn't work. Even putting these issues to the side, the equipment, in the supposedly specialist IT college, is so utterly bad, that I needed; along with my friend, to spend 3 hours under-clocking a computer to make sure the CPU didn't melt into oleaginous slurry because the cooling fan that sits atop the heat-sink was broken, even after reporting this, nothing was fixed, and we had to do it again after technicians "reset the PC". Even after this, the networking teacher was not able to find the equipment needed for the class to complete our assignment, even simple things like network cables were in severe shortage, in a computer "academy". I will close by saying that this college is a disgrace, its equipment ill-suited, and 90% of it's staff imbecilic and incompetent. Do not attend of you can bloody well help it.