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Eastwood College

Our Pillars

Eastwood College was founded in 1973 with the vision of Mr. Amine Michel Khoury to provide an equitable educational community for all learners. The board of advisors has since been in effect, overseeing major curriculum and policy decisions.

Since its foundation, Eastwood College has kept abreast with best pedagogical practices. A holistic approach to education distinguishes us from other schools; our focus is on the social, emotional and academic nurturing of our learners.

Our goal to recruit a highly qualified, diverse teaching workforce supports the effort to maintain internationally recognized standards in curriculum and teaching.

Small class sizes ensure that students with distinct educational competencies’ and backgrounds receive the individual attention and care they require.

The school’s curriculum is based on active construction of meaning through rigorous coursework that is intellectually challenging and culturally appropriate. Students explore topics in depth through a method of inquiry, which allows them to ask and tackle meaningful questions.

There is great attention to social interactions within the curriculum, such as conversations, discussions, joint work, and debate. Such interactions provide opportunities for students to learn through observing the performance of others, receiving feedback about their own performance, hearing alternative points of view, and engaging in the exchange of ideas.

There is a periodic review of the curriculum to ensure that high standards are maintained.


Eastwood College commits to impacting the world by teaching students to be driven by a balance of mind, body and soul, and to couple knowledge with integrity, ambition with compassion, and achievement with service.


Eastwood College strives to be a leading educational community in the Middle East for students of all nationalities and religions.

The success of our vision depends on the commitment of all members of the school community to take an active part in its effort to provide an instructional system that conforms to the high standards of international education. 

Eastwood College is committed to a program of continuous improvement and development.

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Sanjita Marathe 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Sanjita Marathe on 4 years ago

Great school. Will do anything to help families. Lovely leaders that will do anything for us. My child is so happy. A well ran school best in the stoke on trent area

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Lucy Smith 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Lucy Smith on 3 years ago

Fantastic head teacher who inspires young children to achieve anything. Love this school and no one can say anything bad.

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(5/5) By SHALINI SAHANTA on 4 years ago

Good school staff are very helpful , learning is high standard too and my child is very happy .

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Rumaysa Vlogs 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Rumaysa Vlogs on 4 years ago

Fantastic they give you lose of support

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Abdul Playz 4 Ratings
(4/5) By Abdul Playz on 5 years ago

Waterside school is not bad but very good handling children