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Learn & Play – Nursery

Learn & Play was founded in 1999 in Tallet el-Khayat, Beirut, by Mrs. Mayada Ksaybati.

In January 2011, the center relocated to a larger facility in Ramlet El-Bayda covering around 2000 sq. and accommodating up to 200 students in a dual language programs: English-Arabic or French-Arabic.

Learn & Play Children’s Center is a premier daycare and edutainment center for kids aged from 12 months to 4 years, including children with special needs. L&P distinguishes itself by its ultra-modern spacious facility, friendly and nurturing environment, unique curriculum, and professional team of educators.

The team is composed of around 60 professional teachers in the educational field who are sensitive and responsive to the needs of each student. Our teachers also provide children with an abundant, safe, interactive, and challenging learning environment.

Children think of Learn & Play as their second home and their parents are confident that their children are receiving the best of care and education.

Learn & Play provides children with a friendly, positive, engaging, nurturing and healthy environment where enjoyment and fun go hand in hand with discovery and learning.

The center nurtures the child physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually through healthy meals, group interactions, and intriguing fun activities.

Our professional educators offer a curriculum that fosters skills development, inspires life-long learning, and prepares children for their success in schools.

English Program

Section Française

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rubina alvi 5 Ratings
(5/5) By rubina alvi on 5 years ago

My Little girl loves her nursery. The team is lovely and always happy to help. They have been marvelous in helping my little one to have a smooth transition from under 2's to over 2's. The atmosphere is happy and children look cheerful. My older daughter who is nearly 8 went to into-play Longlevens when she was just 8 months old. I will recommend into-play Longlevens to parents who are looking for a good nursery. Thanks, Rubina

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Beatrice Weager 1 Ratings
(1/5) By Beatrice Weager on a year ago

Very hard to bok in to do a viewing always cancelled or never avalbile

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Sonia Edwards 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Sonia Edwards on 5 years ago

My son and daughter have been going to into play since they were 9months old. Both loved it! They have always loved going and enjoy all the fun they have there. The staff are amazing and love to tell you all about the day they have had.. My daughter goes to school in September and will miss them all terribly. Thank you into play for making both of their experiences fun!

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christelle BUSSET 5 Ratings
(5/5) By christelle BUSSET on 5 years ago

My daughter started nursery age 5m and 1w, from day 1 the staff has been taking great care of her. She loves going to nursery and gets loads of cuddles! She's now 17 months and is doing constant progress. The staff is even trying their best to speak a bit of french to her! Even though she's young, she already has some good friends. I would definitly recommend the nursery to anyone!

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Mike Lewis 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Mike Lewis on 8 years ago

What a fantastic Nursery! Both my children have attended from 6 months onwards, my eldest is now Three my youngest 17 months. Trust me both myself and my wife have had the thoughts of are we doing the right thing leaving our babies with people you don't really know, How will they settle him/her when they cry etc? WORRY NOT! The Staff are fantastic and provide a level of care above and beyond that they are trained for because they have natural mothering instinct. My little girl now three told me yesterday "Daddy, I have had a Lovely day, I love my Nursery". For me this is Gold! My Child is happy and secure which means I'm Happy. If your looking for a nursery with a Family Feel, then this is the one.