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Makassed Ali Ben Abi Taleb School

History of ABAT College

Our school, Ali Bin Abi Taleb College, was first founded in 1951 upon the presidential decree 3199.

A number of prominent doctors, engineers, lawyers, businessmen, and politicians have graduated from our college since its early years of foundation.

Ali Bin Abi Taleb College will always carry the torch of educating good citizens whose faith in God is deeply anchored and shaping potential leaders whose skills are rooted in the ever ending novelty of the 21st century.

About Us

We are Ali Bin Abi Taleb College, one member out of many schools in the bigger family of the Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association in Beirut. We have been providing K-12 education to the Beiruti community since 1951. Our preschool and elementary campuses are located in Ras Eh Nabeh region, whereas our middle and secondary departments are situated in Achrafieh.

The Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association in Beirut is a charitable humanitarian association that primarily aims at nurturing a modern Lebanese citizen immersed in knowledge, faith, and tolerance in accordance with the eternal principles of Islam. Founded back in 1878, Makassed has since then been offering distinguished education to more than 14.000 students in Beirut, the North, and Bekaa. Besides its educational mission, Makassed provides medical care and social services to the least privileged citizens all over Lebanon.


Raising faithful youngsters who strongly believe in Islam and devotedly follow its teachings has always been a major goal in both Makassed, our motherly association, and our school.

Islamic eduaction is daily reinforced at Makassed  ABAT through immersing our students since a very young age in the teaching of the Islam pillars, laws, and behaviors and the tajweed of the Holy Qur’an,. The celebration of religious occasions has its large share in our scholastic life, in which our school choir of young talented chanters, trained by professional spread the voice of reason, faith, and piety.

By the end of the sixth grade, our students receive their Qur’an recitation certification in a sumptuous ceremony gathering all Makassedians to celebrate this achievement. This teaching is continues till grade twelve.

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