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Mother Goose Nursery

Children’s learning is delivered in a 560 square meter space through personalized approaches designed to develop their individual needs. With a door to door bus service, free 15 min parking, 12 different rooms and 5 mealtimes, Mother Goose is sure to be a one of a kind place combining fun and education for your child.

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Leyla Aydin 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Leyla Aydin on a year ago

I want to make love on the tables here and let the books open themselves up and write down my screams of passion as I stare out the floor to ceiling glass windows and remember the time you refused to come with me. Come.

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Aaron Atkins Comedy 3 Ratings
(3/5) By Aaron Atkins Comedy on 3 months ago

i live down the street and have been trying to go here for about a year, but i haven’t yet, because THE HOURS ARE ABYSMAL. it’s not open on the weekends ??? why ??? it’s only open for five hours in the middle of every weekday ??? like most people, i have a JOB. this is MADNESS

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Victor Manuel 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Victor Manuel on a year ago

This place is so fancy and amazing! First time when I saw the building I thought of a fancy restaurant. But then I saw books. So I thought of a library. I would like to go inside one day and read!

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Rishee Batra 5 Ratings
(5/5) By Rishee Batra on 3 years ago

Amazing place. They regularly hold workshops, readings, and parties, featuring local and national poets. One of my favorite spots in Chicago!

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Mid West 1 Ratings
(1/5) By Mid West on 6 years ago

The building is one of the best hidden gems of Chicago. Designed by architect John Ronan, it reflects the organization’s mission of making poetry more visible and influential in American culture. It also hosts very interesting events and exhibitions for the public. Inside the library you can find a wide selection of modern and contemporary poetry. Just beware of Maggie, the library assistant. If you happen to be reading a non-poetry book or studying and she catches you, she will kick you in seconds. The Foundation must be happy with her because she takes poetry very serious. However, she does not posses good customer service and communication skills for the job.