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Saint Mary’s Orthodox College

Mission Statement and General Goals

We are Christian Orthodox Schools affiliated to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut. Our mission is to serve the members of the surrounding communities in particular, and the nation in general, to whichever social stratum they belong and without discrimination, in the fields of education and teaching, and that to build the personality of a human being who believes in God, who belongs to the nation, who is active (is a catalyst) in society and who is qualified to attain university academic level.

Accordingly, our schools constitute a space for knowledge acquisition in a climate of freedom that allows teacher and learner to explore their potential, their relationship with God, and each other’s dynamics..

Our mission is not limited to the simple ”transmission of knowledge”; rather we look to achieving transformations within the inner self of the person and through that, within the community in the future.

Historical Background

Around 1890, few years after the completion of the “Dormition of the Virgin” church, two elementary schools were founded next to it, one for boys and the other for girls. The two schools became known for impeccable discipline, transferring to the children a great deal of mental and physical strength in addition to a sound moral sense.

They were subsequently rented to the Ministry of Education and transformed into public schools. The girls’ school was enlarged, in an answer to a growing demand for education; later, it was transformed into a mixed secondary school.

The boys’ school stayed public till 1979 when it was re-appropriated and torn down to make way for a bigger church. Two floors were added to the girls’ school making what we know today as “Saint Mary’s Orthodox College” (SMOC).

One of the original objectives of the school was to give a quality of education that was in line with the world’s requirement. Emphasis was also on the religious blending between different communities in an experiment that is rarely seen in Lebanon.

The year 1970 witnessed the joining of an educator like no other, Mr. Kamel Deeb, who managed to open the school from the first year, with all its human resources, and all its classes. Since then, the administration changed but the constant that remained was the will to fulfill an educational and social role within its community.

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