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Raise Independent Child With Tips By Best Schools In Beirut


Tips to make your kids independent

  • Inform your child that he won’t be treated like a baby anymore:

Make sure that you clearly discuss matters with your children and follow through on disciplinary measures.

  • Hunt for the possibilities when task delegation is possible:

Pay heed to the daily routine of your child and see which tasks can be completed independently. Prepare a list and give them tasks to complete.

  • Prioritize the chores for your child, so that he should not feel himself to be over-occupied:

Since you are planning all the activities for him so you should also informhim of the priority of each assignment.

  • Don’t help your child when in haste instead arrange time in the manner that he can do the tasks himself:

If your child takes longer to do a specific job by himself, don’t do it for him. Reschedule theactivity giving your child the time to complete what needs to be completed. Educators at Best schools in Beirut follow this strategy.

  • Bargain whenever you are thinking to compromise:

When the child is getting stubbornabout not doing some tasks, choose the path of negotiation.

  • Expect some fallacies:

Don’t freak out if your child does something wrong. Preferably appreciate the positives in every mistake.

  • Try to be empathetic:

Be with your child when he is learning to overcome his responsibilities. Support him at every step.

  • Appreciate more, complain less:

Glorify his good deeds and help him to work on the flaws when your child is moving towards adulthood. Remember that everyone makes mistakes.

  • Compromise when the child needs your help:

When your child is sick, tired, stressed or burdened, be kind and understanding to him.

  • Don’t jump to bigger tasks immediately:

Start from minor tasks and be slow while you move to bigger ones. Don’t force your child into doing tasks that aren’t possible for him to do.

  • Don’t solve his problems for him. Help him solve problems himself:

Don’t spoon-feed your child. Provide him resources and advise him with some tips but don’t solve the problems. Tell your child to solve his problems himself while you support him at every step.

  • Give him a limited choice at first and move step by step:

If you want your child to learn decision making, move slow.  The top schools in Lebanon suggest that practicingprepares your child for largertasks.

  • Encourage his decisiveness when he is willingly overtaking the decision making:

Even if the decisions that he is taking are wrong, promote his deed. Let him learn from trial and error.

  • Teach him that failure is a part of life:

Let him know that he has to do things on his own, even if it is difficult in the beginning. Tell him that failure is a part of life.

  • Inculcate in him, a habit of following a routine:

Make a smooth routine and tell your child to adhere to it. Include all those tasks which your child has to do by himself. He would feel accomplished at the end of the day.

  • Practice and preach negotiation:

It is going to help your kid in future decision making.

Last but not least:

At last, you must not forget to be positive and supportive.

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