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The Essence of Learning the French Language

The Essence of Learning the French Language

There are many languages that are spoken around the world. Each has its own significance and importance in their region. Yet there are very few languages which are used globally, and one of these languages is French. A dialect from Latin, this language is one of the most widely spoken in the world. Entire regions in northern and central Africa speak French and use it as an official means of communication.

In Beirut, drawing influences from French culture, you can see a good amount of native French speakers in the area. This also means that it is a very widely used mode of communication in all businesses and general sectors.

Why should students learn French?

Being spoken by over 75 million native speakers worldwide, it is a common in all of Europe, parts of East Asia, North America, South America,and huge portions of Africa. This means learning the language can open new opportunities for you in the future. From education to business, a world of opportunity awaits when you take up a language course, and especially, French.

It is also one of the easiest to learn. Having its roots in Latin, a lot of the words in French are similar to a lot of other languages; hence, it does not get lost in translation. When it comes to a global reach, the French-speaking population extends to well over 270 million speakers.

As a language of the older periods, learning French thoroughly would allow you to read and understand some of the finest pieces of literary work, in the language itself and not through a foreign abridged version. It also adds to your skill of being able to learn multiple languages. It showcases an ability to speak fluently in many tongues, and most importantly, an ability to learn new skills. The French language also happens to be the only language apart from English to be spoken on all five continents, which makes it the ideal language to pick up to expand your horizons.

Attending a French University

Learning French allows you to broaden your university horizons to not only English speaking universities but also French speaking universities. Lebanon still has a strong connection to France and has many universities that teach in French. Students that have acquired the French language have less difficulty acquiring English and therefore have an expanded array of universities to choose from.

Other benefits

French is also one of the official languages of international relations, be it NATO or the UN, and even the International Olympic Committee; if you are fluent in French, you can get a job in international organizations. It is also the third most widely used language on the internet after English and German, thus opening up ample opportunities for you. Put simply learning French has unlimited benefits along with, the language opening doors for you in almost every single continent. It is also one of the easiest languages to learn as its syntax and grammar quite easy to pick up.

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