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Tips to Select the Best Child-Care Centre

Tips to Select the Best Child-Care Centre

It doesn’t matter whether you are going for in-home care, family day care, or formal child-care centre, some basic requirements and factors need to be kept in mind before making the final decision.

Today’s blog is going to list down some of these factors that will help you make this all-important decision. If you plan on finding the best among the many garderies in Beirut, here is the way to finding it.


One of the major concerns of a parent is safety and security. Therefore, you need to take a close look at the building to understand the level of protection it can provide your kid. The equipment used by the staff also needs to be in good repair condition. Having a security system is the key because it would ensure that only authorised people can enter or exit the centre. If the entry and exits can be monitored, it is also better. It is also essential to understand the intricacies of the pick-up and drop-off protocol because you need to know who will be the person responsible for picking up your kid.

Clean and Hygienic

Another essential factor that you need to look out for in a child-care centre is cleanliness. Caregivers must enable children to wash hand often, be it before eating or after using the washroom. Caregivers must also do the same to be a useful role model for the kids. Take a close look around the facility. See if the restrooms are clean. You will also have to make sure that the kitchen and dining rooms are clean.

Responsive and Warm

You also have to make sure that your child is in a loving and kind environment, especially when it comes to the person who is attending your child’s needs. Listen for conversation and laughter around the facility because it is an indicator of the culture and environment of the facility. Make sure that the teachers and caregivers converse kindly and respectfully with to the children. The way the caregivers hold the children also speaks a lot about warmth.

Dynamic and Stimulating

During their stay in the child-care centre, children need to be engaged in active learning activities. Make sure that the children have exciting things around which they can read and explore. See that the facility has books, puzzles, blocks, and other play materials. Having equipment and space for throwing balls, running, or climbing is also a great indicator.


When you visit the facility, it is essential to look for the qualifications of the teachers and director because it will help in understanding if the centre has high standards. If they provide specialised training to their staff, it is a plus point for the facility.

Accredited and Recommended

The facility needs to have proper certification in order to function as a child-care centre. The legal documentation should be up-to-date. You can also go through the references to understand if others love their services or not.

Make sure you keep all these factors in mind when you choose a child-care centre for your child. After all, your child’s well-being is your utmost priority.

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