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Top 5 Reasons Why Learning French in Schools is Phenomenal for Your Kid

Being a bilingual brain is no doubt beneficial to anyone. But when we are talking about french, it is certainly more than that. Residents of Beirut or any part of Lebanon would surely want their children to learn french. And what can be a better learning space than a French School or IB school teaching french?

There are many advantages of making your kiddies learn such a polite and sensational language. Here are some of the advantages of your child learning french in school:

French Schools

  • This is the Most Fertile Stage of Their Brains:

If they are learning something as kids, that is surely going to be with them forever. Now is the most receptive age for your kids. And to instil a whole second language to the mind efficiently, the best age is early or middle school age. 

At schools in Beirut, children meet their buddies with different religious and lingual backgrounds. There are a lot of communities in Lebanon where french is widely spoken. So, it can be easier for them to learn the language more efficiently among those who already have that in their tongues.

  • A Gateway to Learning About Different Cultures:

A language opens the gates to the cultures from where it originated and to which it belongs. By learning about the language, a child naturally gets more inclined towards the culture. 

Secondly, living in the lap of Lebanon, where there existed an undeniable relation between Lebanon and France in history, one cannot avoid knowing about the great French culture.

Even the parents in Beirut, who have french blood somewhere in their nerves, would definitely want their children to learn about the cultures of their origin. Language is step number one.

At several French schools in Beirut, the french culture is also taught, so the child gets better insights at schools.

  • A Second Tongue Escalates a Child’s Confidence in Self:

Any second language gives you the capability to connect with more people around, so it naturally appeals to one’s own senses. One can find his recognition in more people around and ultimately his confidence leaps to a new level. 

At french schools or other schools in Lebanon where french is taught, a child would get a chance to connect more intimately with his friends who have french blood in them. Secondly, when we practice speaking it with them, it would obviously do wonders to his confidence. 

  • Assists in Creating and Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships with a Broader Community:

As discussed in the previous point, interpersonal skills are set on a rise, when one learns a second language. And when that second language is french, which is spoken by people around, it is certainly a plus. A child spends much of his valuable time at his school, so he would be able to connect to more people there. 

  • Last But not Least…

It adds on to intensities of your child’s cognitive and emotional abilities. That’s not a joke. Bilingual Brains have better control over their emotions and also have exceptional learning and analyzing capabilities.

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