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Top 5 Schools to Consider in Beirut

Top 5 Schools to Consider in Beirut

People spend a significant amount of time at school which makes a significant impact on how their life and career get carved eventually in the later years. Apart from learning what the books have to offer, young impressionable minds learn life skills such as discipline, communication, how to build relationships, and a lot more. Hence, it is imperative that you send your kids to the best school to give the young mind a nourishing environment to flourish. To make your journey as a parent a little easier, we have come up with a list of 5 best schools in Beirut for you to choose from.

  1. Mary Kassab School

This gem of a school at Wadi AbouJmil Downtown in Beirut has a compelling history which contributed into its making. This school with a present population of 400 kids started with a bunch of 16 young boys and girls gathered by the legendary Mary Kassab, and together, they fought a heroic battle against the Ottoman Authorities, who ordered to close down the school in the year of 1916. In that battle of education and power, education won an overwhelming triumph. So, if you want your child to truly value the power of pen and bravery, then enrolling them in Mary Kassab School would definitely be a good start.

  1. The International School of Choueifat

The school which was born in the year of 1886 has an inspiring story of standing back stronger every time it fell down. Presently, this Choueifat educational centre educates as many as 1600 diverse children with educational, civic, ethical and moral values that prepare them not only for college but also for the life which lies ahead of college. The school has devised a well-balanced educational program that combined knowledge, skills, and experience together. The school employs technologically advanced interactive whiteboards to bring forth concepts and ideas in the form of presentations, which provide better clarity in understanding even the most complex theories and ideas.

  1. St. Joseph School

Running since 1963, this Catholic school in Lebanon has been educating young minds for over 40 years since its conception in three different languages, viz. English, French, and Arabic. In an attempt to create talented minds, which are multi-dimensional, the school not only focuses on traditional education but also encourages its student to explore areas such as theatre, music, dance, and sports and has the right infrastructure to support young dreams.

  1. Adventist School Bouchrieh

This school in Lebanon starts teaching kids from preschool at 3 years of age till secondary school consisting of students of 18 years of age. Besides training young minds in analytical skill, the school also trains them in foreign languages, which include English as the first and French as the second. They also put a lot of focus on technology and computer which helps children grasp the ways of modern education from an early stage.

  1. Eastwood International School

One of the most progressive schools in Beirut; a few unique things ofthis centre of education lays in its coding program, which teaches students to think logically and analytically while preparing them for a world which runs on technology. The school presently has 400 children and teaches them in three different languages. They also train their students in a way that they can sit and pass internationally recognized external exams with flying colours. A lot of their graduates end up going to Ivy League universities in the United States.

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